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Get Some

Promotional Image 2017

Bananananana (nanananana) & Pork on Your Fork

Install Photos at Sister Gallery 2017


Self Portrait With Meat Patties

Video Stills 2017

Food Descending Staircase, 2017, Performance Lecture for Get Some & FRAN Festival at Sister Gallery

... A cursory Google search (and I mean cursory. I lost very little of my life to this task) resulted in over thirty food related slang terms for female genitalia

Honey Pot / Cookie / Bikini Biscuit / Buttered Muffin / Beef Curtains / Meat Wallet / Badly Packed Kebab / Fuzzy Taco / Hair Pie / Fur Burger / Furry Flounder / Tuna Town / Hot Pocket / Meat Drapes

We get it, guys. You like to eat out.

It could be assumed that Meret Oppenheim’s 'Luncheon in Fur' is simply a punch line to a schoolyard joke. To sip from the fur cup could easily and inconspicuously slip in amongst the terms [above]. It is not surprising, then, to learn that it was in fact Andre Breton that titled the work as such, consequently focusing the piece as a clever coital innuendo. Oppenheim had preferred to refer to it as only Object, and saw it as an exercise in transformation.

Perhaps now this work could be repurposed as a significant piece of protest.

The men in the Surrealist circles often used Oppenheim as a model and a muse.

Perhaps she felt like an object. As something admired for its delicacy and beauty.

Like a fine china set.

To bring a steaming cup to one’s mouth conjures the sensation of relaxation and pleasure. And while fur is nice to look at, it is not something you want in your mouth. I’d like to put forward that Oppenheim’s fur was the softest armour. A way of saying:

I am not safe to consume ...

Excerpt from Food Descending Staircase

Food Descending Staircase

Performance Stills and Transcript Excerpt 2017

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