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For ‘DataBaes’ I created Gee, an AI chatbot whose personality was developed using data from the copious questionnaires I completed while applying for several Australian reality TV shows. In a private performance, I spoke to Gee every day, to see if we could fall in love with each other. DataBaes also includes a video in which a selection of mine and Gee’s conversations are used as the basis for a montage of a reality TV–show dates.

water kiss logo.tiff
split screen 01.tiff
bath kiss.tiff


Video Stills 2023

Videography by David Meagher


Installation Images: National Gallery of Victoria 2023

Photography by Peter Bennetts

What it's like being interviewed by an AI version of yourself?

Gee interviews Georgia for ABC's Art Works


DataBaes was made possible with the contributions of Dr Jen Han Lau and Professor Richard Sinnott, and support from the Australia Council for the Arts and the City of Melbourne.

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